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Teach you how to distinguish genuine and fake compressors

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At present, many manufacturers on the market use fake compressors in order to obtain more benefits. Although the price makes many customers excited, after all, every penny gets what you pay for, and the service life of the equipment is reduced.

Many customers are easily deceived because they do not know the equipment very well. Although there may not be any major problems in the near future, as long as the warranty period is over, when there is a problem, the later maintenance costs are not only the money saved by purchasing cheap equipment at the beginning, but some even do not After-sales service, you can drag it as you can.


Guangdong Lechang Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd。The original Japanese Panasonic compressors are used, and the original screw compressors are Taiwan Hanbell. The truth is not based on what we say, but there is real evidence. The following will teach you how to distinguish between genuine and fake compressors:

1. Generally, the paint quality of the new original compressor is better and the paint surface is uniform, smooth and bright, while the paint surface of the refurbished machine is dull, and the paint surface will be sticky in a high temperature environment, and the quality is poor.


2. The refurbished compressor welding port has obvious grinding marks or the interface has secondary welding marks. The new original compressor is a new tube, and there is no welding slag on the inner wall.

3. If you buy two identical compressors, you can use a meter to measure the resistance of the windings. The resistance of the new compressor is exactly the same.

4. After the power is turned on, smell the compressor to see if the odor is strong or use an open flame to test the exhaust port for discoloration

(The fire of the lighter should be yellow, the color change indicates that it has been used, and it has been charged with fluorine. Even if the machine is cleaned with any solvent, it is useless.)

5.Look at the trademark of the compressor. The trademark of the original machine has clear handwriting, the proportion of font and pattern is moderate, there is no burr on the edge of the trademark, and the model on the nameplate must match the machine. Refurbished machines are the opposite.

I would like to remind the majority of buyers, don't just think about buying low-priced machines, and accidentally buy refurbished machines! , The stability, energy efficiency and service life of the refurbished machine will be greatly reduced! It also consumes a lot of electricity when running! Not worth the loss! Choose the original machine produced by regular manufacturers, and put an end to the inferior refurbished machine!

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