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Antifreeze guide for industrial chillers

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Dear customers thank you very much for choosing our products, with the coming of winter in order to ensure the normal operation of your chiller, please do the following protection!

1, when the chiller working condition is below 0 degrees, please add antifreeze, so as to avoid water freezing leading to copper pipe cracking, the proportion of water and antifreeze is related to the environment, you can find the corresponding customer service consultation.

2,please go to regular stores to buy regular brand antifreeze, such as Shell, Mobil, the Great Wall, etc., the brand may be corrosive, resulting in copper pipe corrosion.

3, do not directly add ethylene glycol, salt, water tank treasure, etc., to avoid copper pipe corrosion

4, keep the pipeline through the water tower, water pump and other outdoor equipment smooth, the lowest point to open the drainage valve as clean as possible,

Hope that all customers attach great importance to avoid unnecessary losses, if the above content is unclear, please contact our customer service

Wish you all the best! 

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