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Lechang chiller participated in the exhibition at Cangzhou, and the harvest was full

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Lechang Chiller was invited to participate in the 3rd China Cangzhou Plastics Industry Expo (PHPE) in 2021, which will be held in Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 11th to 13th. For Lechang Chiller, this is an opportunity to show the strength of the factory, and Mr. Deng is naturally invited to go forward.

In the preliminary preparation, Lechang Chiller set up a luxury booth, specially designed the layout and overall image of the booth, and strived to show the best brand image at the exhibition.


After communicating and designing with the exhibition side, Mr. Deng and his party set off in Dongguan on November 10, took a large plane in Guangzhou, and turned the car to Cangzhou via Tianjin. After changing 6 kinds of tools along the way, we finally reached Cangzhou.

There is no need to say more about the historical background of Cangzhou, but Mr. Deng has no thoughts. After all, the most urgent task at present is to participate in the exhibition.


On the first day of the launch, the Lechang chiller was warmly welcomed, and distributors and agents from Hebei came to help out. In addition to old friends, there are also many new friends who have left their contact information. On the 11th, nearly 20 new customers were gained.

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Mr. Deng and Mr. Xiao's busy figures reveal full happiness. From morning to afternoon, there was an endless stream of customers in front of the Lechang chiller booth. Mr. Deng said that even though he didn't have much rest for a day, he was in a state of excitement because he was happy to be recognized by so many people. Through the communication with customers, we can also understand the current situation of all walks of life, which also has a certain positive impact on the next development of the company.

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