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Commendation meeting of Lechang industrial chiller and air coolers produce lines

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At 8:00 on August 16, 2021, Lechang Chiller held a monthly commendation meeting, chaired by the general assistant Caiping Yu, and all Lechang Chiller employees participated.

The July Commendation Conference is divided into 4 parts


The first part is to announce the production capacity of air coolers and chillers in various departments, and to encourage and criticize the progress of completion.

The second part is to emphasize and criticize the quality inspection, after-sales and production safety problems of air coolers and chillers in various departments.

The third part is to commend and reward the pacesetters in the production line of air coolers and chillers.

Chen Yajian and Liu Dong from Cooler and Chiller Assembly District 5, Aunt Wei and Huang Mingzhen from Evaporator Group received flowing red flags and bonuses in recognition of their outstanding performance in July. The flowing red flag was presented by Liu Qinglin, director of the air cooler and chiller warehouse management, and Chen Jiaxing, who won the award in June, and the prize was presented by Wang Jing, the chief financial officer.

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The fourth part is to award a bursary to Chen Sen who is working on a work-study program in a chiller and chiller factory.

Chen Sen joined Lechang Air Cooler and Chiller on June 15th, and started work-study a week after the college entrance examination. His excellent quality is worthy of praise. After two months of summer work, Chen Sen decided to end his summer work. General assistant Yu Caiping and XCMG fully affirmed Chen Sen's performance in Lechang air coolers and chillers, and expressed their hope that Chen Sen can continue to carry forward this spiritual quality in the university and climb the peak of life bravely.

Finally, the financial director Jing Wang gave the scholarship to Chen Sen.

In the end, the July commendation meeting for Lechang air coolers and chillers ended with warm applause from employees.

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