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Industrial Water Chiller Controller GW532A PUNP Circuit Board Oil Cooler Display Power Board Dual Press Panel

  • GW532A

  • 邦普

Main Features of Industrial Chiller PUNP GW532A Control Panel:

1: It can be controlled remotely, the working time of the compressor can be set at will on the panel, and the information can be fed back on the rear panel of the time, indicating that the compressor needs maintenance, then enter the system and input
The password can be changed at will.

2: The temperature of the machine can be kept at plus or minus 0.5 degrees. For example, if the temperature is 5 degrees Celsius, the compressor will automatically stop working when it reaches 4.5 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is 5.5 degrees Celsius, the compressor will automatically stop working.
Start cooling and cooling automatically.

3: The panel is digital display in Chinese, all data and faults are displayed on the panel one by one, no need to pass other machine tests and reset automatically.


GW532A Control Board详情页-2PUNP Original Chiller Control Panel Dual Compressor


Front of GW532A Control Panel详情页-3详情页-4PUNP

Back of GW532A Control Board详情页-5详情页-6PUNP

GW532A Control Board And Mutual Inductance Coil详情页-7


GW532A Control Board And Mutual Inductance Coil

PUNP Original Chiller Control Panel Dual Compressor


The Effect of GW532A After Being Powered on详情页-09

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Q1:Are you a factory or trading company?   
A:We are a factory and manufacturer specialized in cooled chiller more than 20 years, we provide wide range of industrial chillers available to suit any cooling need.

Q2:What's warranty and after-sale service of machine?
A:Thirteen months Warranty for main machinery part like motor and electric;
Life-long maintenance service(Email and calling service in working hours)

Q3: How to install and run the machine?
A: Our technician have installed the machine before shipping.

Q4: How can I do if the machine goes wrong?
A: If confronted with such problems, please contact us asap and do not try fix the machine by yourself or someone else. We will response within 24 hours as quick as we can to solve it for you.

Q5:How about the quality of your product?
 · Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard. 
 · We have CE, ISO certification.
 · We take a test on every product before shipping.
Q6:Whether the product can be customized?
 · We can make products according to customer's requirements.

Q7:Don't know which type you need? 
A:Please send us your requirement or contact us directly!  

Q8:Don't know how the machine working? 
A:Contact us to see the video and get further information! 


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